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by traceyletchford » Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:33 pm

Hi to put my penny worth in...I always use these people.
They do excellent work and are very fairly priced. The frames are all tight at the corners and very strong. They will supply backing board, frame and glass (for watercolours) any mounts you want and ship them to you in a week by private courier.

As for mounts, I now cut my own as it is far cheaper, one large sheet of mountboard gives me so many A4 size mounts and when you pay £3 per mount in a shop I can do 8+ for the price of one sheet of mountboard which is about £4.

Necessity is the mother of invention so I learnt how to do it from a book and saved a small fortune. :)
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PostRe: frames

by suemclearie » Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:10 pm

Blimey, feisty lot aren't you?

Back to the original question... I use all the time now.
They have loads of mount colours, mouldings, colours, metalics, woods etc. All fixings are included too.

You can even upload your painting into their mouldings to see what it looks like.
I had some broken glass once, due to frustrated couriers when I wasn't in and they were so helpful and repaced the glass straight away.

Since that time I have used acrylic 'glass' which I was very dubious about initially, but it's fab :D much lighter for exhibitions and no breakages.
(My Mum also says it's great for her dodgy old partition walls!!)
They also now ring me when my order is being dispatched to give me a fighting chance of being in if poss'.

Give 'em a try. You can upload your pics and still bale before checkout.

Sheesh! I shoud be on commission!
Sue :)
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