Professionally prepared large canvases on a frame

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PostProfessionally prepared large canvases on a frame

by Niina » Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:57 am

Hi guys,

I have got 3 large prepared canvases (linen) on a very good quality frame which I cannot use at the moment, as I have got no studio and need to concentrate on my dissertation. If anyone would need them I would be happy to sell them.

I prepared those canvases initially for myself, therefore, having been doing that for 10 years, I am absolutely certain that they are very well done! None of my canvases have ever let me down and are always done with love and care.

So here are the details:

- dimensions: 1. 175 x 175cm
2. 150 x 150cm
3. 150 x 150cm

- Materials:
All three canvases have been prepared exactly the same way. The frame has been handmade out of thick and sturdy pieces of wood. The cross-section of the wood is square, has been positioned together like "tetris" and secured with screws.

All three frames have got cross bars which makes them even sturdier - they will never warp or bend or brake. All frames have got thin strips of wood on the outer edge, so that the canvas does not touch the frame.

The fabric is good quality linen and has been sized with at least 3 coats of rabbit skin glue - it is like a drum and will always stay like that. That I can confirm from my 10 years of experience. Can be used either for oil or acrylic and is ready for painting straight away.

The look of the canvas is very natural and it has got no stains or marks, so if there is a wish to leave bare canvas out, it is perfect for that. Also the sides can be left clean. It all looks really neat.

The price for each canvas is £160

The delivery costs are not included in the price. You can come and pick them up yourself, if you have a friend with a van (they are already wrapped in bubblewrap) or we could arrange the delivery so that I will be at the pick-up and you will be at the drop-off.

Please contact me to see the images or for any questions or additional information.
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