Need help with crashing waves

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PostNeed help with crashing waves

by Heather » Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:50 am

This is my very first attempt at painting waves. I used spray paint to create it. Any pointers to make it better?


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PostRe: Need help with crashing waves

by kevinclarkson » Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:12 pm

Hi Heather,

very dynamic for a first attempt. Moving water is one of the most difficult illusions to pull off. I have also been experimenting with waves and have found some useful reference material.

On YouTube you can find some very useful tuition, my favourite is by an American artist called E. John Robinson. For me he catches the mood far better than other marine artists. Sadly he is no longer with us, but he has published a couple of good books which I have found very useful.
"Marine painting in Oil", "The seascape painters problem book" and my favourite " Masterclass in seascape painting"

Hope this helps,

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