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PostIs this another scam?

by isabelalfarrobinha » Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:48 pm

has anyone been contected by Nikki Troxel from Prodigiose Art. He wants to represent my art at New York Art Expo 2009. I looked up the site and it does exist. I raly dont now what to do?
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PostRe: Is this another scam?

by jeanniezelos » Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:12 am

isobel - i'd be wary of anyone offering to represent you in a show about to open - usually things are booked up years in advance...I assume this is the one she means? ... C%2Fdiv%3E
feb 26 to mar2nd? doesn't give you much time to get your work there.
there's some info about her here too ... ion-815620
-and again there's not much other than what she's put there. if she was successful i'd have thought that would show in a google trawl for her.
if you do want more info ask her
-what it will cost you
-how much is her's and the shows' commission
-who will pay for paintings transport there and back
- who will pay insurance for works and are they insured while at the show
there's bound to be a lot more but that's a start :)
I'd take care but you've nothing to lose by asking for more info, in the end its your decision. there are "real " shows fgoing on all the while but many of them make their money not from art commsion on sold works but from charging high fees to the artists to take part. at least if its local to you you can check it out- how popular its likely to be etc but with these they are usually in another country from uk and so checking can only be done from web.
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