Anyone come across this- bla bla bla

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PostRe: Anyone come across this- bla bla bla

by MichaelWard » Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:50 am

Hello Yummymummy,
Please take a look at previous posts to see the intention of my website, there is no point in me repeating what is already written in this thread.

You say "what makes you think that serious seekers of art are going to continue to trawl the website...", but surely you are negating the fact that even on here (The Artists Web) 'serious seekers of art' are still going to have to trawl through the hundreds (thousands?) of artists websites listed to find the 'serious' art they are after. So a certain amount of trawling is not only acceptable, but necessary. Unless you have heard of an artist you would want to look around at a range of different creatives before you buy. Considering that most artists on The Artists Web are unknown to the masses exposure is what is needed.

That is unless you think that like your ill-fitting McDonalds analogy, that people would usually just magically find the exact thing they wanted straight away? You shouild try going to a Deli, you get to sample different things before you make your choice to buy.
Obviously the serious art seekers that you write about are busy at the McArt store, buying only the first thing they see on the menu.

At the risk of repeating an argument, take at look at what Marmottan says about the probability of generating a sale from being listed on a 'serious' art website (Which you pay far more than £12 a year for).

This is why other artist marketing stratagies (such as find the missing link) are required, rather than just the conventional ones to which you subscribe.
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