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by barry » Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:37 pm

Hackney art is a new online art gallery. At the moment we're looking for artists to display their work; aspiring, or established, from any location in the world, and in all art disciplines. For aspiring artist hoping to make a career from art, this really could be a great opportunity.

Some of the benefits of joining
No membership fees:If we don’t sell your work, you don’t pay us a penny
Easy to use gallery interface
Sell to the world:You set the destinations and the delivery costs for all your art.
No exclusivity agreement: we encourage you to use any means at your disposal, to sell your work.
We accept talented artists from any location in the world.
We do a lot of online and offline advertising that is targeted at the art buying public. This should ensure that the majority of visitors to the site will be people interested in buying art.
Up to 25% of the sale value of your art will go to charity.
For a more detailed description of our artist info please click the link below http://www.hackneyart.com/artist-info.php

The question really should be, why shouldn't you join. 8)

Please give us a try. :D

Regards to all

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