first-person panoramic exploration of miniatures, paintings

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Postfirst-person panoramic exploration of miniatures, paintings

by matthornb » Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:08 pm

I'm launching a few amateur, low-budget, multimedia art projects.

Interface of these projects will resemble that of first-person computer games, but the projects aren't all really games as most of them contain no gameplay mechanics, just exploration and 'looking at stuff'.

So really just virtual tours.

I think three of my in-progress experiments fall into that category:

[url][/url] - I've made so many errors in judgment on this one and fallen so far behind my intended schedule that I... well, it's supposed to be an ongoing string of realtime 3d levels or something like that... I was thinking in terms of gardens and outdoor landscapes and landscape architecture, and - more or less - 'real-world' types of settings. As it is though I've only actually released one of these so far.

[url][/url] - I'm building some miniature-art worlds in 1/24th scale. Then I use a few simple techniques, to capture panoramas inside the miniature environments, and I connect those panoramas together into a virtual tour of a miniature landscape... as if you were looking at a model railroad layout from the perspective of one of the little miniature people inside it.

[url][/url] - Very little here at the moment but the idea is a virtual tour of a painting. First step is to make a 3d world and map paint-style textures onto it... render out the panoramas and then filter that, and to some extent digitally paint over it, resulting in a panorama that looks like a messy painting. I am working on a whole batch of these. My process was pretty inconsistent for the first 'Acrylic Areas' but I think I've standardized it more on the second.
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