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by claude » Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:58 pm

It's a pleasure to present five free albums from my portfolio.
1) NATURE DESIGN : A visual art project about pattern, texture and color in nature (plant, stone, vegetable - fruit, water, ice & snow, animal, name it)
2) WOOD’S AME (L’ÂME du BOIS) : Photo & design with images of bark, texture and tree from differents country
3) SABI : A macro photographic study of rust in the environment
4) DATART : When data become art. Photomontage and design made with business, economy and scientific data
5) POÉTIQUE du PRIMITIF QUANTIQUE (POETIC QUANTUM) : Detournement or appropriation of mathematic equations from quantum’s physic used as artistic symbols. Also a tribute (page 35-39) at Walter Russel, scientist and artist.
Please follow this link :
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