Phone cases and mugs

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PostPhone cases and mugs

by newageprints » Wed Jun 25, 2014 11:53 am

Hello everyone ,

I Hope it is ok to post this on here , i think it is

I run a small business that prints onto phone cases and mugs.
I had not really considered art work on them before but i got in touch with a stadium artist who had just started painting and made him a sample , in his first week he sold 40 phone cases and is starting selling the mugs next week ,

I run it as a drop shipping service so there is no out lay and i also mock the images up for free . If any one is interested i can print 19 differnt types of phone cases, and will hopefully be printing some items for the national football musuem who i contacted and they are intrested in my clients work. i have attached a mock up so you can see what the product is ,
my email is
or facebook
thanks , Danny

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