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by The Artists Web » Wed Feb 06, 2008 12:11 pm

These rules may change from time to time..

Please note that if we haven't mentioned something it does not automatically mean you can go ahead and do it!...

1, No spamming.. This includes private messaging groups of people to advertise something.. New users promoting an external website will certainly have their posts moved to the self promotion section if they are not simply removed.

2, No offensive posts/insults to other members.

3, Treat others as you want to be treated.

4, Signatures are limited to a small font and will be edited by mods and admin if they take up too much space (maximum 4 links).

5, Try to stay on topic.. (if the thread is about painters then keep the thread about painters, start a new thread for new topics)

6, No personal attacks, keep debates about opinions..

7, If you are an artist and wish to advertise/promote your site you have 3 choices
1 - email / private message admin for our advertising rate
2 - add your site to
3 - Add your site to your signature and offer great advice and help to people.. Your reputation will advertise your site itself. NB this is only acceptable if you are linking to your own personal artist's site.

8, Signatures or posts must not include "free money" or I make X amount of Y a week or month from affiliate programmes / get rich quick schemes..

ADDED: These rules are not exhaustable, and may be added to at any time!

If you feel this limits the site and/or your experience then please email / private message me or any of the mods..
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