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by admin » Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:22 pm

Starting today, I'd like to share with you some simple tips on the forum to help you get greater exposure on your website and

Writing a good description for each Image
If you haven't written good descriptions for your artwork on your website then you could be missing out in a big way!

Firstly, if you have little or no text accompanying your images search engines will have little idea what your website is about and therefore you won't attract any traffic. Moreover the images with no description on are less likely to appear near the top of search results. In short, adding a description to each image will increase exposure.

Secondly it can be hard writing about your artwork, but it really helps potential buyers connect with your work. People are more likely to buy your artwork if they feel they have a personal connection with you as an artist. Make sure all your images have some sort of notes or descriptions, ideally at least a sentence or two about the work. Try to include information about the materials used, the process behind it, and perhaps even a story of how you came to create it!

How To
To update your images, with a decription simply:
  • Login to your website
  • Go to "Images"
  • For each image, click on "quick edit" and enter a description into the “Notes” section.

To help you further with writing about your work, have a read of our recent article on our blog:

It may seem an obvious point to make, but pricing your work is going to dramtically improve the chance of making sales! Not only that, but artwork that isn’t priced is far less likely to get attention on Many people search using the 'price range' filter, so artwork with no price will not appear in these searches at all. If you don’t feel ready to sell, perhaps you could just price it very high until you’ve had a chance to think about things!

If you need some help with pricing of your work, have a read of our article on the subject:

Have you any questions about describing your work?
Here's some examples of artwork on with some great descriptions:

Still have some questions about how to describe your work? Then reply to this post with your questions.

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