Green as grass......

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PostGreen as grass......

by squaredog » Sun May 12, 2013 11:03 am

By the by, I've retired, finished my cancer treatment, and now comes MY time.

Now, (whether this is the right forum I'm sure you'll tell me) I've always yearned to learn to paint with oils.

Where do I begin?

There are books, courses, on-line and off, and I want some advice from people who 'do'.

I live on the NW Kent/London borders, and can't wait to start........

Thank you (in anticipation)
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PostRe: Green as grass......

by helennock » Thu May 16, 2013 12:45 pm

Hello Squaredog,

I 'do' very occasionally. Many on artweb do it all the time.
There are some great tutorials on YouTube...for you to paintalongatutor sort of thing..for example a nice clear demo on beginning a small board canvas form photographic reference.
Advice you get will be coloured a little on personal style preferences, taste and experience but my tip would be to give time to messing about as vital to learning using cheap oils, and acrylics, and or other on paper alongside proper explorations with better materials. Experimenting with marks and styles this way lessens feeling threatened and tightening up under the pressure of expected outcome. Or concerns about wasting material and time but all experimental time and play is never wasted, and much better to find out what does and doesn't work directly...memorised through practice unlike following instructions from secondary sources :) Ideally, do both. Watch the teachers, and treat yourself to a few live workshops, if available as well as using books and mags for tips, tricks and techniques. Libraries are pretty good sources of information too.
Re painting techniques and method in general..if it's your first time, practice copying painter's work you like is an inspiring and effective way to learn...following the master's hand - but obviously not scientifically. If you feel yourself tightening up grab a two inch brush and watery paint to rework your subject in a fast sketch... oscillating between tight and loose is hugely beneficial. When I paint I cheap stuff nearby, like wallpaper lining paper I can just reel off and throw away to let myself loose on for a refresher or flash out what I'm struggling to do in a loose cartoon. Sometimes results are better than the proper work! Pretty well what you'd get from higher educational setting. Remember to acknowledge the sources of inspiration if you ever arrive at a situation of showing copied works...i.e after Degas.

Best of luck and enjoy

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PostRe: Green as grass......

by davidraison » Tue May 21, 2013 10:42 am

I was introduced to oils via a 1 day workshop. That way I got an introduction to the media, to try out everything on offer with no restrictions and ended up with painting a still life. I was hooked and now pain almost exclusively in oils.

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