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Posthello from lowestoft

by rachael » Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:55 pm


my name is Rachael-Jayne and i'm a young up and coming artist from lowestoft. was browsing the web for ideas to cure creative block and finding ways to get my art sold and what not when i came across this forum.
been doing art for a fair while now(don't know how long exactly but a fair while. i take influence from many artists for many reasons. The main influence right now is the late great salvador dali because of the way he stuck with doing his art his way and didn't let anyone tell him otherwise(there is a word for that but i can't remember it right now) and just because his work is different.
other influences include -
* edvard munch
* piccasso
* warhol
* tracey emin

the list is endless but they are a few that you are probably familiar with. i usually paint what i feel and what's going on in my head rather than what i am actually looking at.

hopefully i can get my creative juice back. i'm also a musician and music has also been effected by my creative downfall so right now i' really sad and don't have any ideas on what to do.

a piece i done a few year or two ago called "flowers of attraction"
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PostRe: hello from lowestoft

by chryshen » Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:45 pm

Hi Rachael-Jayne, sorry to hear your creative juices aren't flowing. I'm much the same but the way I have overcome it is to carry a small pad and fineline pen around with me and when I sit anywhere, cafe, train, bus, I take them from my bag and doodle. I saw an article about Zentangle which was online and have looked at it on youtube and it reminded me that I am at my most relaxed when doodling whilst talking on the phone. I also used to doodle when I was a child, just for fun, so Zentangle isn't such a new thing but it does seem to help - give it a try. I, too, am a musician, playing mandolin, fiddle and singing old time and bluegrass. I try to improve my playing and that gets me down at times.
Hope you fell a little better. Good luck.
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PostRe: hello from lowestoft

by rachael » Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:38 pm

yes, it is not the best thing i ever experienced. i keep a drawing & writing diary with me at all times to write thoughts of draw little sketches in anyway, in fact, i'm never without it. i am hoping i can get back my flow soon because it's not nice feeling like a dammed river. pretty scary in a strange way that the feeling of never moving and never reaching potential.

thank you
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