William Small ( Good Samaritan ) painted 1899

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PostWilliam Small ( Good Samaritan ) painted 1899

by Vinni » Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:56 pm

:!: I would love some advice about a picture that I have recently purchased as part of a joblot. The subject matter instantly sparked my interest, so I began to research the Artist. The picture is by William Small and is called " Good Samaritan " originally painted in 1899 . The original artwork is currently hanging in the Leicester Gallery. My picture is a Monochrome version and is approx 15 x 11 inches ( small compared to the original ) The frame certainly looks as if it has some age to it, however I am no expert ,hence the reason I am posting this. I am able to email pictures to anyone who may be able to help me this. Ideally I would like some advice on whether I have stumbbled upon a Lemon or Lemonade. Also if there is some way of getting it valued without spending a fortune, just in case its worthless.I live in Northamptonshire so someone local to me would be desirable.
The information below is what I have already found out .....
William Small was an important illustrator of the 1860s onwards, who was very prolific and much imitated by lesser artists. He was trained in Edinburgh, but then moved to London. His best work is from the 1860s, when he made line drawings showing good draughtsmanship. Later work tends to be lazier, and in wash. He illustrated in many of the periodicals, including Good Words and The Cornhill, and also drew for a variety of books of poetry, songs, and children's stories. He also contributed a very few drawings to Cassell's History of England. At his best, Small produced dramatic compositions, often with ambitious drapery and carefully worked out background detail.
A large, important picture by Small is his The Good Samaritan, which hangs in the Leicester gallery.
Any help would be welcomed.
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