Gallery Not Paying!!

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PostGallery Not Paying!!

by scart75 » Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:46 pm

Hi. Am in need of advice on who to contact, or what I can do regarding a gellery not paying me for sold work.

The original agreement is that payment of sold work is paid after 30 days. It is now passed 60 days. Despite phone calls and emails (most of which are usually ignored), he always makes assurances it "will be paid tomorrow". But it never is. Twice I've had this and still getting weak excuses for payment not being done.

Im always patient on these issues, but with all the lies, I'm in despair and feel powerless! I need someone to turn to so further action can be taken.

Advice and help is appreciated.
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PostRe: Gallery Not Paying!!

by martinstone » Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:46 pm

hi scott

i had trouble like this with a gallery in innishannon cork, ireland, a bad gallery, a poison chalice, and it does not pay its artists. I have spoken to many artists who have not been paid when the gallery sells their work, most of them don't get paid, myself included. The owner also took many of my paintings; in the end to get the money back i had to take him to court but first i removed any of my work still in the gallery,if you do this make shore that the gallery doesn't put any of the work they have of yours on deposit because it will be harder legally for you to get them back off the gallery, if you want to talk more on this feel free to contact me on my email

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