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PostPosting images with Artweb copyright to other Forums

by asha » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:50 pm

Hi, recently I attempted to do just what the topic title suggests. Early on in the join up process I disabled the right click save option as a security precaution.I would prefer not to go back on that. Nevertheless I would like to post a few of my images on the facebook admin page, google+ and a few others. I already have but not from my Artweb site which carry the copyright and watermark. Can someone with experience advise me what the rules and options are here ?? A short advisory from admin would also be appreciated, as I may be in breach of conduct without realizing it. I am sad to see the print option is not taking new orders although it says until 2013. Please update us on when that may become available again. I have booked exhibition space for my prints locally in restaurant galleries and other venues, but hope someday to take advantage of the Artweb Print offer.
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