Please Help Identify this Artist / Mystery

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PostPlease Help Identify this Artist / Mystery

by ctyankee » Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:03 pm


This landscape has appeared in at least four movies. Notably both Mulholland Dr. and The Glass House in 2001. Naturally, it could just be a prop art by someone unknown ... but as both Mulholland Dr. and The Glass House were done by different studios - it would not seem so.

The painting also showed up in the Jack Nicholson romantic comedy: Something's Got To Give (2003). It appears over an high-end art auctioneer's desk (Amanda Peet). That is also intriguing as it makes you wonder why. Is it more than a random selection? Could it be stolen or missing artwork just hanging around in art auctioneer's office?


It could also be some sort of inside joke by all concerned as Mulholland Dr.'s director David Lynch knows art and is a painter in his own right.

Most recently, the painting appeared in Mad Men a couple weeks back. It also gives us our best view of the artist's signature. The only thing that I can make out for definite is it appears to end in a very large and distinctive "Y."



A much larger/clearer view of the artist's signature can be found here and then clicking on the middle image to expand it.

Any help or leads by our art experts among us would be greatly appreciate! Cheers. Here's hoping my first post here doesn't stink.
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PostRe: Please Help Identify this Artist / Mystery

by jamesmccarthy » Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:48 pm

I'm afraid I can't help with the Artists name but I think I can throw some light on why you've spotted it in several films.

Although each film will have a different Production company they all go to the same Property companies (local to them) to hire props for their films, things like furniture, lamps,artwork etc.

The Prop departments for a film are set up fresh each time so they don't have their own paintings in store but the Prop houses do. Prop buyers tend to go to these places first and one of them probably has the painting for hire and it's just been hired several times.

Alternatively, the same buyer worked on all these films and just likes this one, but that's less likely.

Part of my job is to paint prop paintings for film and television when they need something specific. Your never quite sure what happens to them when filming is over but I have occasionally found one years later for hire in a Prop house.
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PostRe: Please Help Identify this Artist / Mystery

by SamanthaR » Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:25 am

Amazing, I've seen all of these but never noticed that painting.
I've seen some of David Lynch's paintings and they're (as you'd expect) very surreal so not sure there's a connection there. I'd agree with the previous poster and say they probably used the same prop house.
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