The Suburban Mouse?

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PostThe Suburban Mouse?

by minairia3 » Wed Oct 01, 2014 7:55 pm

There's this guy in Palo Alto who uses a RadioShack TRS80 Color computer to create these line-drawings of a mouse doing stuff in front of a 70s looking suburban house like watering the grass, mowing the lawn, drinking a beer, etc. He prints them out on an old dot matrix printer. It is pretty banal and silly except that apparently high level tech execs are paying huge bucks for him to fire up the TRS80 and do a mouse pic for them. He draws them, sketches them and paints them as well.

I do IT and my buddy's father is a rich guy in the Philippines who wants a mouse and asked me to find out about the artist. I'm drawing a complete blank: there's nothing on Google or anywhere. I know it is real because one of my firm's clients is one of those big companies and I saw these things in a couple of execs' offices framed up like the Mona Lisa. I couldn't ask anything because these were client meetings and that would have pissed of the lawyers. Does anyone know anything?
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