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Post"Photo Mounts" shop and artists showcase

by mikeallen » Tue Nov 04, 2014 6:42 pm

My partner has just setup a new website - it mainly focuses on 2 aspects

1. Selling "photo mounts" and the various shapes / sizes / types they come in - this part is live now.

2. The second area we want to concentrate on is helping artists to sell on line from within their own website - or anyother website - and also from within FaceBook directly all at the same time - ie one shop - many windows. So any potential customers would never have to leave the confines of FaceBook - they can buy directly.

Would love to get some thoughts

The "photo mounts" website is http://www.photo-mounts.co.uk - all acid free conservation std etc

And the ecommerce widget software (takes 5 mins to setup) is http://www.ecwids.co.uk
once stup - just cut/paste 5 lines of code into any website
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