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Selling in a boot fair environment

PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:35 pm
by ipka
I had the beginning of an idea recently..I was reflecting on the demise of the free festival culture in the UK since ..whenever. And I was needing to flog some stuff a a suitable bootfair. It occured to me that possibly, 'the right' bootfair situation could be used to create a free festival style stall (rugs on the deck, some mellow sounds - classical/radio 3, ambient ?) at a low level...and amongst other things begin to sell paintings and well as more conventional bootfair things. What i'm trying to communicate is that it seems to me bootfairs sort of come under the radar (CJB 1990s) which squashed a lot of the alternative fayre spirit.

Any thoughts/experience with building up something artistic/cultural within the parameters of a boot fair ?

Re: Selling in a boot fair environment

PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:55 pm
by jamesalden
Hi Ipka,I had thought about it and it may well work,it would have to be an ongoing thing bearing in mind that most people go looking for bargains,you may do rather poorly at the start but as joe public realises that you will be there week after week they may bring a little more cash with them to treat themselves,or,buy a gift.I think it could work,with commitment.The right pitch is essential,you don't want to be on the last row when people are out of cash or exhausted so very early starts.Weather plays its part as well,I am handy with tools and thought of building a shelter like the market stalls,I am also laid back(alright lazy) and never got round to it.I bought a large bus to convert to a mobile shop for that very purpose but the insurance worked out high so I never used it.
I aproached the local authority about where I could sell,they said as long it is away from the square mile town centre and it doesn't involve food,suit yourself,the police could not have cared less,unless I caused an obstruction.So maybe you dont even have to pay gate money,a corner of a field,a convenient spot along the road,all can be looked into.
Jim Alden.

Re: Selling in a boot fair environment

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:22 pm
by ipka
Hello Jim; thanks for the response and insight.

I agree with you..
ongoing; probably to begin with, a typical boot-fair pitch in terms of bargains and bric-a-brac, evolving over a period of time to become art-focussed. I admire your ideas about a stall. I'm hoping to find/acquire at least one, decent tressel table to start things off (like flower sellers have..although so far, my enquiries as to where i can get hod of a nice one haven't got any local pointers yet - they seem to be inherited from past times in the trade). Transport - suitable transport - is a stmubling block at the moment too. I have a saloon car (not even estate) which i realised, even selling books, the weight is too much really. Need a transit at least!

The response you got from the local council in your area is interesting to read.