Just sold my first large artwork - how do I make more sales?

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PostJust sold my first large artwork - how do I make more sales?

by Michal » Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:54 pm

Hallo everybody,

I am a glass artist. Recently I've made a large glass wall art, which was exhibited in a museum in my country. I had two people interested in buying, one of them bought it for 5500$, a very good price in my country. This has saved my art business, for I was just about to give up.

Now I'm looking for ways to recreate the success. I have many Ideas for wall art glass works (and also for standing objects, but I've noticed that my glass wall art gets much more attention).

the question is where is the right place to sell it. The art market in my country is very small. I was very lucky to sell here at all. I can promote online and send anywhere in the world, question is which platform is the best for artworks, when the crowd is art collectors/people with the ability to buy expensive art?

I also have some smaller art works, but again - these are for people that are willing to invest in something they really like.

I'd be glad to hear your advice.
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