Improve your art listings by describing the media used

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PostImprove your art listings by describing the media used

by sarah » Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:53 pm

For each artwork you upload to ArtWeb, you'll be asked to enter what media was used in the piece. This is a really important part of your listing, as it helps communicate better with your audience, and assists the translation of your work on-screen.

It may seem clear as day to you what materials were used in the making of your art, but on screen it can be really hard for a buyer to know whether something is an etching, or a painting, or a photograph etc.

When selling online, it's essential to make things as clear as possible, and to help any potential customer really understand the process behind the work. For example, a photo-realist painting may appear on screen to be simply a photograph. However, if this is clearly stated as a painting, it may just make someone take a second look at your work, and give them a totally new perspective. Try and look at your work with a new pair of eyes, think about what questions you might ask about the piece, and then ensure you answer them in every listing!

Any questions on this topic, please comment below and we'll get back to you :)
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