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PostPlastic Transfers?

by noodlecake » Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:42 am


I'm trying to think about how to create a series of cubes which I have designed using a combination of Hexels and Photoshop. I'm trying to make them as clean and perfect as possible so that they contrast heavily with the landscape at Trelissick Gardens where they're going to be installed for 4 weeks.

At the moment the best plan seems to be using sheet Acrylic Plastic with solvent weld (possible over a wooden frame, depending on the scale I end up working with) to construct the cubes.

I'm just wondering if anybody has any advice for working with sheet acrylic and if anyone knows any good methods for transferring images onto plastics. Any advice would be very helpful.

Here are the images I'm working with: ... o-acrylic/

(I tried to add the images directly to the post but they were too big. Apparently the bbcode for resizing images doesn't work so I'll have to put in an external link to a blog post with the images in.)
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